The island of Cyprus lies just off the south coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, with typical Cypriot temperatures averaging between 28˚C and 32˚C. Many of us most associate this island with lazy beach holidays, but Cyprus is also the perfect destination for a cycling holiday.

Cycling in Cyprus is a very pleasant experience. The north especially offers a wide range of cycle-suitable trails and routes which follow the coast as well as taking cyclists through the more mountainous landscape. The island’s diverse scenery is made up of coastal plains to wooded valleys, making it ideal for those not only looking to get off the beaten track, but for an element of adventure too.

Cyprus is proud of its growing mountain biking appeal, with many cycling tours operating on the island. With everything included from accommodation and food to bike rental and guidance, a cycling holiday package adds another dimension to this island. But remember, half and full-day bike hire is also available for those wanting to hit the open road (and off-road tracks) for a shorter period of time.

Most visitors wouldn’t think (or indeed want to) bring their own bike, so luckily there are lots of bike hire shops dotted around the island. Most resorts offer bike hire to their guests as well. Despite the popularity of cycling on the island, there are actually few sign-posted routes to follow, so a good, detailed map (or even better a local guide) is recommended to ensure both safety and an enhanced experience.

For many, the notion of mountain biking invokes some pretty tiring images, but there are cycling routes and lengths for all fitness levels. Naturally, cross-country length trails around the island require a much higher level of fitness than a half-day cruise along next to the coast, but a cycling holiday in Cyprus is not exclusive. Fun, for all the family, cycling adds another dimension to holidaying in Cyprus.

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